A B O U T  U S 

Hello, I am Songül Eriş.
Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I am married and have five children. I also have a very cute dog named Kuki.
I am from Alaçatı, Izmir, and I also live in Miami. I love both Alaçatı and Miami very much.
I have been painting for years and have worked with various techniques, including portraits, landscapes, flower paintings, pencil drawings, pastels, oil paintings, and eventually discovered that abstract paintings inspired by nature suit my character very well.
I create my paintings completely inspired by nature. For example, the powerful rock that has defied the wind, cold, and sun for years, the textures on the trunk of a tree, the branches' effort to reach the sky, the unique waves of the sea, the color reflections of the sun, a wild flower turning its face towards the sun from the depths of the earth – everything found in nature.
As a nature and sea lover, I convey this to my abstract paintings.
In my abstract paintings, I use dozens, maybe hundreds, of shades of color. I achieve these colors by using five primary colors in different proportions, allowing my abstract paintings to have more depth, just like nature itself.
I am a positive person, and I reflect this positive energy in my canvases. When you observe my works on the walls of your home, you will feel it too. You will see the magnificent reflection of hundreds of brushstrokes and colors, the play of light, and the depth.
I love creating my works using brushes. They are indispensable in my abstract paintings.
I am a perfectionist. I continue painting repeatedly until I say, "Okay, this painting is perfect." I work for hours every day to create the best artwork.
I am always open to innovations.
May my artworks bring abundance, health, happiness, and beauty to your warm homes.
Stay with love...
Abstract Artist
Songül Eriş